Pewter Figurines Continued
Castle designs I have available. Three (3) are from the
chess sets and there are two (2) new castle designs not
yet pictured.
Queens, Kings and Knights
Queen and King figures from large Medieval chess, the
other two (2) sets are not pictured here. Knights available
two (2) pictured from chess sets and the cannon. Not
pictured is the new cannon it is still in production in the
Fairies, Sorceress, Mermaid,
and Witch
FFairies large and water style. Several sorceresses, one
(1) witch with a crystal ball and the one (1) mermaid I have
currently. By this spring I will have a new mermaid figure
Mythological & Treasure Chest
Unicorns and Pegasus styles available at this time.
Gargoyles large, medium and small, Treasure chest,
Norseman, Griffin, sword in stone,  Minotaur and a
gnome. I sell a lot of these pieces for board game
DDragons that are currently offered. They can be darkened to the black finish and also adorned with treasure and gold, marbles and
rhinestones eye.ragons currently offered
Skeletons, Coffins and Skulls
Wizards that are available they can also come in the dark finish and with
crystals and gold adornment.
Skeletons, Skulls and coffins the Grim Reaper is also available in this  area.
Skeleton in the chair is discontinued, but I can still make him on special
All my pewter figurines start at $5.00 and go to $15.00,  the more decorations or if they are darkened I would let
you know the prices, as that add to the process in each piece.
Gazing Balls
We offer many different styles of
fractured marbles and fiber optic glass
on a display stand for paperweights or
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Here at Blackhawk Metalworks we have added a new line of metal to our production line. We now have Pewter. We pour our own
molds, use our own pewter, and do everything at our shop here in Texas. Everything is American made! It allows us to keep the cost
of production down as well as the final cost, for you, the customers.

We have several different areas of pewter design. So chances are we have something you are looking for, could want, or need.
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